In total, my whole outfit cost under £20, is fully second-hand and made up of pieces that remind me of Taylor's impact on my life. Credit: Cara Wheeldon

The UK leg of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour begins this week in Edinburgh and if you’re in need of some last-minute, second-hand outfit inspiration then look no further. 

I’ve been a Taylor Swift fan since Love Story‘s release in 2009. My mum and I would sing and dance to the song on the UK Top 40 every Sunday morning – it’s been her ringtone for 15 years!

Since then, Taylor’s music has accompanied every part of my life, particularly getting married last year, walking down the aisle to Lover.

However, I’ve never seen her live.

Last year, I finally managed to secure tickets to the Eras Tour at Wembley Stadium, for me and my family.

How I put my outfit together

I was so excited for the concert and figuring out my outfit was at the top of my agenda.

I knew I wanted a bejewelled outfit that represented my album Fearless, which features Love Story, mine and my mum’s favourite song.

I decided to take on the challenge of finding the perfect pieces second-hand.

Statista’s 2023 Consumer Insights show 32% of Gen-Z purchase clothes second-hand online.

As with many people my age, 24, I always aim to shop sustainably for occasion wear. I even bought my wedding accessories from Vinted.

AddeI searched ‘sequin mini dress’ on Depop and found a sparkly black dress with silver butterflies for just £5. Perfect condition, my size and it screamed Fearless era.

When it arrived and I tried it on, it made me even more excited for the concert.

image of Ella Craig wearing a sparkly black dress with butterflies on and heart shaped sunglasses
The dress was just £5 from a Depop seller. Credit: Cara Wheeldon

For the accessories, I found silver sparkly boots on Vinted for just £2 and heart-shaped sunglasses from a charity shop for around £3.

The glasses are a nod to Taylor’s in her 22 music video. I remember as a teenager, I waited up until midnight with my mum just to see the video drop.

Image of silver sparkly boots
The boots were just £2 from a Vinted seller. Credit: Cara Wheeldon

My black shoulder bag was originally my mum’s from the early 2000s. I up-cycled it by switching out the strap to a silver chain. It’s the perfect size for my essentials and fits Wembley’s bag requirements.

The final touch to my outfit is friendship bracelets, which have been a tour staple for Swifties, inspired by the lyric “make the friendship bracelets” in her song You’re on Your Own, Kid.’

I knew making bracelets ahead of the concert would be another fun way to hype up the excitement, but I wasn’t too keen on buying so many plastic beads.

I thought carefully about how to make them in an eco-friendly way and bought vintage necklaces to repurpose from various charity shops, costing £5 in total. I detached the beads and will them make them into new bracelets with my sister before the show.

My mum, Mandy Craig, 55, said, “I’m going to cry at the concert seeing how Taylor’s music brought two sisters together.”

In total, my whole outfit cost under £20, is fully second-hand and made up of pieces that remind me of Taylor’s impact on my life.

Image of Ella Craig in Nottingham city centre wearing a black sparkly dress.
All together my outfit cost less than £20! Credit: Cara Wheeldon

Looking for your outfit second-hand? Here’s my advice:

1. Research

Familiarise yourself with the different eras of Taylor Swift’s discography. Each album has its own distinct style and associated colour, from the sparkly country vibes of Fearless’, to 1989’s ’80s glam and Folklore’s cottage-core aesthetic.

2. Check the quality

Make sure the clothes are in good condition. Look for stains, tears, or missing buttons. My silver boots have a few scrapes on the toes, but I don’t mind as I will likely only wear them to the concert before reselling.

3. Be comfortable

You’ll likely be on your feet and in your outfit for a long time. From queuing to dancing the night away to all your favourite songs, comfortable shoes and clothes are a must.

4. Have fun

Thrifting is a way to express yourself and should reflect your personal style and enthusiasm for the tour. My outfit references Fearless and many of the pieces have sentimental back stories of my memories of enjoying Taylor’s music.