Thursday, April 18, 2024
After Phil and Holly's break up from ITV show This Morning, we asked the Nottingham Public whether they think you should be best friends with your colleagues.

After Phil and Holly’s breakup – should you be best friends with your colleagues?

Following Phillip Schofield’s departure from This Morning, where he worked with long-time co-anchor and friend, Holly Willoughby, rumours have been surfacing about a fall-out behind...
Woman with blonde hair looking into the camera.

Billie Marten is bringing folk, love and Yorkshire wit to Nottingham

''The worst thing about music is having to talk about yourself all the time. I hate it.’’ Most aspiring 23-year-old musicians live for the fame...
Office workers

Nottingham public show a mixed response to the four day work week

Members of the public in Nottingham have given a mixed response to the four-day work week. The trial conducted by Autonomy saw 61 companies across the...
A girl sitting by a window facing the camera

Student stories: Young Russians on facing hostility in Nottingham since the Ukraine War

Russian university students in Nottingham say they have been judged and punished for the actions of their native country. Akhila Thomas and Gemma Cockrell uncover the reality of their experiences since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

Vegan friendly BBQ dishes to enjoy this summer

Roya Bishop introduces us to café Roya and her vegan lifestyle and shares a few of her favourite recipes Roya Bishop, 34, from Beeston, has...