Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Windrush activist Louise Garvey: ‘What you take for granted is built on the shoulders of the Windrush generation’

Lauren Ryan spoke to former nurse and Windrush activist Louise Garvey about how “it was a lot harder being a woman in the Windrush generation.”
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Love vs. Tradition: Dynamics of Indian matchmaking

Krishita Kandoi in conversation with matchmakers Sima Taparia and Sunny Sekhon about the intricacies of matchmaking in the South Asian community.
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World Ocean Day: A dive into the life of marine biologist and filmmaker Inka Cresswell

 To celebrate World Ocean Day Lauren Ryan spoke to marine biologist and filmmaker Inka Cresswell about 'ensuring that what we have is around for future generations.'
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Are you ready for a pink summer?

Wednesdays aren't the only day of the week we should wear pink.
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The barefaced truth: Exploring the complex relationship between women and make-up

Bethany Read discusses the difficulties faced by women embracing their natural features under society's scrutinising eyes.
The rainbow progress flag is posted up around Nottingham Trent University campus.

Explainer: Changes to the Equality Act and reactions from trans and non-binary people

As British society continues to wrestle with the definition of sex, Katie Mortimer talks to trans and non-binary people about why they feel that law makers are turning against them.
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Toxic politics: why we need to do better for female politicians in 2023

Amrit Virdi talks to people hoping to challenge the rise of abuse aimed at women and non-binary people in politics
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Anti-maths: Why numbers are the key to creativity

Learning maths should be mandatory until age 18 in schools and colleges says Rishi Sunak. Humairaa Habib speaks to Rosalind Azouzi FRAeS, executive director of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications about the ‘anti-math’ mindset and meets creative people who can't do their job without numbers.
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Why being a cruelty-free beauty enthusiast is harder than you might think

The UK Home Office secretly abandoned the 25-year ban on animal testing for makeup ingredients in 2019. Gemma Cockrell explores why it is becoming increasingly difficult to be a cruelty-free beauty enthusiast.
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“A lot of younger people don’t know this history” New Art Exchange marking Windrush 75 years and the black diaspora

Kieran Burt spoke to Robert Stephens from the New Art Exchange about their exhibition for the 75th anniversary of Windrush, A Black Diaspora Heritage Showcase and which artists were included.