Monday, August 8, 2022

Coronation Chicken – original, veggie or vegan

Poulet Reine Elizabeth, now known best as Coronation Chicken, was created by Le Cordon Bleu London Culinary School for the Coronation luncheon in 1953. The dish consists of cold cooked chicken coated in a curried creamy sauce and was widely promoted at the time so that it could be replicated at street parties around the country. 

Interview: “Maybe you’ll get 9 no’s, but maybe you’ll get 1 yes and that’ll be your break” – Siobhan...

Siobhan Wykes, 54, editor-in-chief of best talks to Lily Smith about her passion for writing, the loyalty of best readers and how Gloria Estefan became her big break

The Queen and The Crown: fact or fiction?

As this weekend’s Platinum Jubilee celebrates the 70 year-long reign of Queen Elizabeth II, Charlie Elizabeth Culverhouse took a deep dive into The Crown’s...

A queen for every era: Eight icons of Her Majesty’s reign

The Queen has had a long and iconic reign. A role model for women across the world, there is no denying that her 70 years spent on the throne have inspired and empowered women of all ages.  

How accurate is The Crown? The Queen’s journey to the throne 

We all love a bit of drama, but in shows based on true life stories, the need for gripping action often derails the truth. The Crown has been subject to many criticisms because of this. As we approach the Platinum Jubilee, let’s look back on the show's first season to see how much they got right about the Queen’s journey to the throne.

Platinum Jubilee: Eat, drink and make bunting!

With the Platinum Jubilee mere days away, CBJMagazine is here to guide you through the essentials for any royal-themed event you might be attending.
Gaby Huddart, editor-in-chief, Good Housekeeping

‘I’ve got the best job in magazine journalism today’ – Gaby Huddart, editor-in-chief of Good Housekeeping

Beth Green talks to Gaby Huddart on her journey into journalism and meeting Michelle Obama.

From volunteer to COO – Paul Giggal, Medicinema

Paul Giggal, 44, has risen through the ranks of Medicinema during his 12 years. He sits down with Jack Francis to discuss the importance of their work, his varied role, and the power of cinema.

Tipping the scales: Boris to launch imperial measures consultation

Among all the changes we knew would face leaving the EU, Government proposes to change from metric system to imperial measurements. Prime Minister Boris Johnson will make the announcement on Friday about the decision and how this may affect businesses.

‘I basically shop for a living’- Julie Player, Take a Break’s fashion editor

Take a Break fashion editor Julie Player, talks to Christina Geggus about shopping for a living, working with Holly Willoughby and the joy of a reader makeovers