Monday, June 27, 2022
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Work by students on the postgraduate Magazine Journalism course at Nottingham Trent University with special coverage this week of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations

‘All I want is a roof over my head’- Choosing homelessness to escape abuse at home

The pandemic triggered a wave of homelessness among women fleeing domestic violence. Women on the streets of Nottingham share their experiences with Shobhangi Rudra.

‘I wanted to create a place where no parents have to say sorry’

Charity Little Heroes aims to help children with autism realise their full potential. CG talks to founder Kim Drake about the project and looks at how a government consultation on special needs education could help support families further. 

One! Two! Three! – Why professional wrestling is more than just Spandex

Everyone has their preconceptions about pro rasslin’, but what lies behind pyrotechnics and the pageantry and what makes wrestling so special.
Pride month Nottingham June 2022

Pride in Nottingham: How and why the city is coming together

How the city of Nottingham is coming together to celebrate Pride month this year
Food affecting climate change

Food for thought: Are your favourite snacks killing the planet? 

Chips, burgers and hot dogs might be pretty plain after new research suggests that tomato ketchup will become a rare commodity due to climate change. But which snacks are contributing to the environmental crisis?
Boris Johnson Vote of No confidence

Nottingham reacts to Johnson’s victory

The overwhelming majority of Nottingham city residents thought the results were both "surprising" and "disappointing".
Influencers and Female Pleasure CBJ Magazine

Influencers and sex toys: promoting pleasure or pursuing a paycheque?

"Well I’ve got something special to keep you entertained this lockdown … #ad"  Influencers dominate our social media channels - from fashion to fragrance, curling...
Incredible Edible Beeston CBJ Magazine

Incredible Edible Beeston brings the community together

Founded in 2019, Incredible Edible have four vibrant sites across Beeston that are productive gardening hubs filled with an abundance of fruit and vegetables for everyone to enjoy.

Your summer festival guide for 2022

Cure those post bank holiday blues and and get ready for... festival season. We've rounded up some of the best and biggest music festivals happening...

Explainer: Boris Johnson and the no confidence motion

Boris Johnson is set to face a confidence vote at 6pm today after more than 15% of Conservative MPs withdrew their support for the...