Monday, June 27, 2022
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Work by students on the postgraduate Magazine Journalism course at Nottingham Trent University with special coverage this week of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations

Food affecting climate change

Food for thought: Are your favourite snacks killing the planet? 

Chips, burgers and hot dogs might be pretty plain after new research suggests that tomato ketchup will become a rare commodity due to climate change. But which snacks are contributing to the environmental crisis?

The new Normal: writer Henry Normal on poetry, Snickers and life under lockdown

"If I get the virus, I’ll die," Henry Normal tells me. As a child, he was playing in the remains of houses bombed during...

Platinum Jubilee: Eat, drink and make bunting!

With the Platinum Jubilee mere days away, CBJMagazine is here to guide you through the essentials for any royal-themed event you might be attending.

‘People should not be penalised for working’ – Universal Credit criticised for ‘failing people with disabilities’

With 52.7% of disabled people in employment compared to 81% of non-disabled people. Organisation research says that “many disabled people are worse off working than not working.”

Who are Nottingham’s favourite YouTubers?

Ahead of the launch of Subs!, our magazine for YouTube-loving kids, we asked the people of Nottingham who their favourite YouTubers were.

Discover the Park Estate’s surprising local history hidden in plain sight

Sometimes it’s easy to forget to look up as you hurry along the pavement at night, grateful for the streetlamps lighting the way. Do...

The Queen in Nottingham: 8 decades of royal visits

As Nottingham gears up to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, let's look back on all the times the monarch has visited the city.

Interview: Sam Coare, editor of Kerrang!, on turning teenage kicks into his dream job

In the ever-changing world of music journalism, Kerrang! Magazine has been one of the few constants for rock and metal fans around the world. Since...

Marching for wildlife with Extinction Rebellion Nottingham

2:30pm, outside Nottingham Railway Station. I knew Extinction Rebellion had planned a march in aid of wildlife, or rather its recent decline. Unsure of what...
Pride month Nottingham June 2022

Pride in Nottingham: How and why the city is coming together

How the city of Nottingham is coming together to celebrate Pride month this year